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Mock TASER X2 training weapons now available from Smart Firearms

Updated: Jan 10

Smart Firearms (, an industry leader in smart training weapons, now offers a training device that replicates the major functional features of the TASER X2, including both functional red aiming lasers as well as the trigger, safety selector, and arc buttons. The Pro model also offers optional IR lasers to interface with any simulator or targeting vest on the market.

“Axon TASER products have saved thousands of lives by providing officers with a viable non-lethal option in the use of force continuum," said Smart Firearms President and Founder Mike Farrell. "Despite their relative safety, these weapons require a high degree of training and we are pleased to be able to offer a more complex training product than can be provided by basic RED/BLUE molded plastic training products.”

Smart Firearms offers this training weapon with electronics and without electronics.

TASER is a trademark of Axon Enterprise, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Smart Firearms is not affiliated with Axon Enterprise, Inc.

SF Training Device Mock TASER X2
SF Training Device Mock TASER X2

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