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Smart Firearms for instructors

Smart Firearms Works in Tandem with Licensed Firearms Instructors


At Smart Firearms, we strongly believe that proper firearm training should consist of both live firearm instruction at a gun range and at home practice with a no-ammunition training product ideally one with a laser and in-home target system.

Smart Firearms products are designed to complement live firearm range practice to ensure shooting accuracy and to prevent firearm accidents such as those involving an accidental trigger pull. Practice makes perfect and Smart Firearms training guns offer the convenience of safe at home repetitions without the ongoing expense of live ammunition. 


Smart Firearms is a premium training firearm company that has sold to over 250 law enforcement departments and agencies in the US and across the globe. For firearm instructors we believe we represent the dual benefit of providing a no-ammunition at home practice option for students along with a second income option. We offer special discounts for licensed instructors on our complete line ranging from the Smart Firearms Basic Training Gun to the Smart Firearms Laser Training Rifle,


Contact us today to learn more about our affiliate program.

“Just wanted to pass on what occurred yesterday during a Small private women’s class that Cindy taught. All three ladies couldn’t keep trigger fingers where they belonged and all the normal training tricks we both use in almost every class didn’t work on these three so out comes the “tattletale” as we have named our new aid the SF-30 training pistol. Lots of the buzzer going off as the three ladies took turns with the pistol but I must say by the time they went for the shooting qualifications no trigger fingers slipped into a trigger guard before it was time. Mission accomplished thanks for a great training aid.


Also I’m doing a USCCA instructor’s class this weekend and will be adding this to the training aids I discuss with the new instructors and adding it to the list of suggested tools for the toolbox. 

Bill & Cindy
Aimpower LLC

Alexa Young, CA

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