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Arizona-based Smart Firearms was founded with the simple mission, to reduce firearms accidents and dramatically improve firearms training at our nation’s Police Agencies. Today, the company is producing training guns which demand proper handing at all times building the muscle memories to build safe and confident shooters. 


Meet Mike Farrell


Mike Farrell, President of Smart Firearms Training Devices, is a seasoned entrepreneur, as well as an Airline Pilot.  Dismayed at the poor quality of training guns available, and the frequency of firearms accidents which take place in the United States (1 every 34 minutes), Mike took it upon himself to create a better training gun and better training process. After making his first sale in 2013, Smart Firearms has grown rapidly, more than doubling sales every year.  Smart Firearms Training Guns are now found in some of the finest agencies, academies, and companies across the country, and the world.

Meet Arno Lippassaar

Screenshot 2022-09-12 144004.png

Arno Lippassaar Director of Sales and Marketing is a former Academy Training Officer for the New York State Police He had been a Trooper for over 23 years.   He was certified a Master Instructor by the Municipal Police Training Council in June of 2017 and has actively trained other Troopers to become Instructors as well.  Prior to working for the New York State Police, Arno served in marketing and sales positions  for Ebay  and US Tobacco

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