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Smart Firearms

America's finest training gun

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Used by  more than 250 leading law enforcement departments and agencies in the US and globally including NYPD, DC Metro and the Ukrainian National Police.

Reduce firearm accidents and increase accuracy with Smart Firearms Training Guns

 If you don’t handle a gun properly, it can be more dangerous than useful for you and the people around you. Smart Firearm develops unique non-firing training guns that mimic the most common weapons on the market and are designed to break bad habits before they start. Our safe training solution ensures every practice session is a skill-builder by not allowing a single violation to slip by whether you are training at home or at the range. 



Smart Firearms training guns are the most innovative and feature rich on the market, providing new and experienced gun owners alike a clear alternative to current simplistic training gun options.

For instructors

Grow your revenue and accelerate your clients' proficiency with best-in-class training tools.


34 minutes

This is the time between firearms accidents in America. Firearms accidents cost the US economy over 10 billion per year. 


News from Smart Firearms

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