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Training Gun Leader Smart Firearms Raises Industry Bar with Latest Taser Training Device


Firearm training industry innovation leader Smart Firearms ( announced today that it is offering a new training product that replicates the major functional features of the Taser X2 including both functional red aiming lasers as well as the trigger, safety selector and arc buttons. The Smart Firearms Taser Training Pro also offers optional IR lasers to interface with any simulator or targeting vest on the market. The new product will sell for $799 starting this month. This training device provides an attractive option for thousands of police departments across the country and the globe. Many of these departments are already long time clients of Smart Firearms including NYPD, Boston PD and DC Metro.

According to Smart Firearms President and Founder Mike Farrell “We believe not only will we sell thousands of these products, but they will in turn facilitate the sale of Tasers themselves. The Axon line of Taser products has saved thousands of lives by providing officers with a viable non-lethal option in the use of force continuum. We also believe the complexity of the weapon requires more training than a basic RED/BLUE molded plastic training product can provide.”

Despite the relatively safety of tasers versus firearms, they require careful training. Smart Firearms plans to sell its new Taser Training Pro direct to law enforcement agencies, firearm trainers and other interested parties online at

Smart Firearms has brought a new dimension of innovation and excellence to the sleepy firearm training products industry. Founded by a commercial airline pilot who was underwhelmed by his own introduction to firearms training equipment, the Company has shown consistently strong growth over the past three years and is on track to triple sales in 2022. Company offerings include several handgun training products that sell for under $200 as well as a popular M-4 training firearm.

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