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Providing free test and evaluation units to interested Police Departments. Call (602) 690-0513 for details.

The negligent discharge of a firearm can destroy lives, careers, and the reputations of officers and agencies. The financial burden placed on individuals, cities, counties and federal government departments when dealing with the criminal and civil repercussions of a negligent discharge can be crushing. The reasons and circumstances surrounding a negligent discharge of a weapon may vary, but the common step in the tragic chain of events is an unintentional trigger manipulation.

The engineers at Smart Firearms Training Devices, LLC have created a revolutionary device that will change the way the safe handling of firearms is taught. From the very first moment the student is exposed to the SF3, this device will demand safe handling. Using a proprietary sensor design, the advanced technology imbedded into the SF3 will detect when there is even the slightest intrusion into the trigger guard. This device will not penalize the student for making the conscious decision to transition their finger onto the trigger and engage the threat.

The SF3 design can be molded to the exact size of any firearm currently in use with modern Law Enforcement and Military units. This will allow the student to train as they would fight, with their own equipment, in the most realistic environment possible.





  • Utilizes two high-capacity off-the-shelf lithium batteries - designed to operate up to 16 weeks under normal usage.
  • Field tested for rough handling – with a durability that will last for years of training sessions.
  • One year standard warranty included.
  • Carbine, sub-machine, and shotgun models are presently in development.
  • Law Enforcement / Government Agency discounts are available.

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